Home for the first token rescue algorithm pegged to FTM on the Fantom Opera network.

But first let me take a selfie!

Welcome to the land of Hopium, where all degenerates can be free to make the most outrageous decisions without being judged.
The $HOPIUM token serves as the last salvation for bringing Andre Cronje back to the Fantom ecosystem.
The protocol's underlying mechanism dynamically adjusts $HOPIUM supply, pushing its price up or down relative to the price of $FTM.
Hopium.Financial is a multi-token protocol which consists of the following three tokens: -Hopium ($HOPIUM). -Cronje ($CRONJE) -BEAR ($BEAR).

What differentiates $HOPIUM from other algorithmic tokens?

Unlike previous algorithmic tokens, $HOPIUM is not pegged to a stable coin— it is instead pegged to $FTM.
Another major difference is the team approach! We all know that this bear market has been ROUGH for all of us, but we still got one thing and one thing only, HOPIUM!
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